>English homework help

>English homework help. Hi COM2402 students,

Please read the article posted at the following link:

In your critical analysis of this news story/article, I want you to think deeply and critically about the notion of “whiteness.” What does this term mean in the context of the current multicultural, multi-national, and multi-ethnic society? As you read in this article, a minority student told a white student that “this is bigger than you, this is about ‘whiteness,’ this is not about you.” So that means whiteness does not mean white person on an individual level; it represents something much larger and more complex on a socio-cultural level. For example, this protest was not just about fighting for a physical and cultural space where students of color can find a sense of belonging, it is also about protecting the rights and voices of gender/sexual minorities, such as transgender students. So how is a gendered issue closely related to the concept of whiteness then?

In addition, this article explained that some Asian students were excluded from the students of color’s group. For example, this article states that “Many white and Asian students were forced to take a dirt path through brush in order to skirt the protestors ” What does this tell you about another important layer in the current cultural construction of whiteness? Please first provide your critical understanding of whiteness in the analysis of this news story.

Overall, what do you think of this protest? Did such protest in a prestigious university like Berkeley surprise you? If yes, please explain why, if no, please also explain why.

When you write your critical analysis of the above topic/issue, please make a clear and strong connection to the first nine chapters, or even chapter 10 if you finish the reading for this week earlier. By “CONNECTION,” I mean you need to clearly write down how the book defines certain term (s) or idea (s), and then explain how it/they can be applied to your critical analysis of this topic/issue. Please do NOT directly quote or cite anything from the book or other reading materials. You need to use your own words to paraphrase those ideas or terms. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I want to read how you understand them, NOT how book understands them.

>English homework help


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