>English homework help

>English homework help.

After reading the chapter entitled “Conflict and Interpersonal Communication” from the Week 7 Learning Resources answer the questions 1 and 2. This discussion topic contains 3 questions. 

1. Please complete a-f.  Be descriptive in your responses and include the letter with each answer.

a.  Describe a conflict that you are experiencing.

b.  Examine/describe the relationship between you and the “other person”.

c.  Examine/describe the situation.

d.  Describe the other person involved in the conflict.

e.  Identify your goals.

f.  Now select the conflict style (avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising, or collaborating) most appropriate based on your answer to a-e.  Share why you feel the style is most appropriate.  Be descriptive in your response.

2.  Of the conflict triggers discussed (demands, cumulative annoyance, rejection, one-upping, and mind reading) which one do you find most often triggers a negative reaction from you? What strategies can you use to better manage the trigger and more effectively manage conflict?

Read the “Survey of Communication Study/Chapter 9 – Interpersonal Communication” (pp. 9-11) found in the Week 7 Learning Resources and then answer question 3. 

3.  Conflict is not always negative in a relationship. How do we distinguish between constructive and destructive conflict? Where is the line we draw in order to keep it constructive?  And how can we (or can we ever) ensure that the other person sees whether the conflict is constructive or destructive?

Keep in mind that discussion responses are due by 11:59 PM ET on Saturday and peer responses are due by 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday.;jsessionid=8C5455F914120D3AAA26EFFA374DD651?doi=

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>English homework help


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