English homework help

English homework help. Your job here is to find an academic article on a topic that intrigues you. (Note: An academic article is one that appears in a peer-reviewed journal and contains original research!) If you want to start thinking ahead, you may want to select an article that you can use for your final project, the researched argument. (Your topic there is open.) Read and process the article. Then, write a press release announcing the findings from your article. (A press release should follow all the same guidelines as writing a summary for a very general audience.) I’m especially going to be looking for:

  • Clear paraphrasing of the main points from the original. A press release, like any piece of journalism, should address Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.
  • Quotations from the original
  • Writing that is designed to grab the attention of a general audience
  • An objective stance (i.e. your opinion is not included).
  • An informative and interesting “headline”
  • MLA in-text citations and works cited page (Note: press releases don’t do this, so we’re cheating a bit.)

You’re aiming for 3-4 pages here. Examples of press releases informed by academic sources can be found at

English homework help


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