English homework help

English homework help. English 1301 – Fall 2020

Major Essay #4 – Collaborating for Critical Thinking

Collaborative Essay & Presentation / Explore the Meaning(s) of ____________)

Essay Due: – Wednesday, November 11 – Submit via BlackBoard by 11:59 p.m.

Presentations begin November 10, 2020


Purpose: to interpret and inform:


For this assignment, students will choose a topic of their own liking to convey its meaning(s). Essay projects must meet the following criteria:


Use of third person point of view only

The essay must include a strong thesis statement

Creative title

Use many examples/details to build logical, effective body paragraphs

Use of appropriate transitions

Use of 4 – 5 credible sources – ONE source must be from a database

Proper use of MLA format

8 to 10 pages

Well organized

Avoid 2nd person point of view (you, your, yours, yourself, yourselves) at all times


Before beginning this project, consider a group may want to explore a topic in psychology, communication, history, sociology. Consider abstract topics such as love, beauty, life or a specific law. Consider words such as, cheesy, forgiveness, capping or even an ‘ism’… racism, communism, socialism or organizations: Black Lives Matter, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, Preppers, Gen Z, Gen X, boomers, motherhood, etc.


Organization of the essay must include a solid introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. One of the body paragraphs must address any issues or other contrasting points about students’ pitch subject. Be selective in the details chosen to include in the body paragraphs.


The essay must be in MLA format: double spaced, 1” margins, a header with required information, student last names with a page number in the upper right hand corner, and Times New Roman font at 12 point in size throughout. Do not do fancy lettering and/or designs with the title. Only use appropriate initial capitalization in the title. Do not include a title page.


The presentation element of this project should be creative and highly effective. Remember in presenting the meaning(s) of, students need to go beyond mere Webster definitions, but should include visuals that accompany the presentation of meaning(s). Show to inform your audience-readers. Criteria for this part of the project will be graded on the following:



A short Powerpoint, Prezi or video to highlight the written project

Group collaboration


How well supported the meaning(s) comes off to the audience


Each group has between 8 to 10 minutes to present. Peer-Audience should be prepared to ask questions, offer criticism, comments, suggestions, and opinions.


Mostly, have fun!! Post in your Wix accounts!

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