English homework help

English homework help. MCS-001 Fall 2020

Assignment #2

Reading an Advertisement/Commercial



Required Format:

1,000 words

Double spaced

Times New Roman, 12 pt. font

1-inch margins all around

Microsoft Word Document (no PDFs)

Include a photo and a link to your advertisement or commercial at the beginning of your essay.



This assignment requires you to “read” or analyze an advertisement or commercial­­. Commercials are usually broadcast on television, radio, Internet videos, podcasts, cell phones and other hand-held devices. Advertisements are found in print media such as magazines and newspapers.

Write an essay analyzing an advertisement or commercial based on its content and context. Do not just describe what is happening in the ad, explain how it generates and communicates meaning to persuade audiences to behave a certain way, to buy something, to think something. Your thesis statement should be a specific claim about the ad.

For commercials you need to select a limited amount of it, such as the first thirty to ninety seconds.

Make sure to include a photo and a link to your advertisement or commercial at the beginning of your essay.




Rubric –

Thesis: 4pts. – Does the essay make a specific claim about the ad?

Structure: 7pts. – Does the structure of the essay support the thesis statement?

Analysis: 7pts. – Does the essay identify and interpret specific details of the ad and its context to support its claim?

Sentence Clarity: 2pts.

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