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English homework help. Research Paper Instructions

This assignment consists of three parts to this one assignment. You will submit an annotated bibliography, a properly formatted title and reference page (using current APA guidelines), and you will submit a Research Paper. Please review the detailed instructions below.

Research Paper: Annotated Bibliography

The Annotated Bibliography is designed to assist you with your Research Paper references, to teach you how to search for scholarly journal articles, and to give you practice using proper in-text citations.

For this assignment, you will be annotating 4 scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal articles. You will select 2 articles that support Behavioral Learning Theory, and 2 that support Cognitive Learning Theory. Choose articles that have been published within the last 5 years.

Your Annotated Bibliography must have at least 150 words per summary for each of the 4 articles you selected. Each annotation must provide a general summary of the article and also state a rationale as to why it might be included in a summative research paper. Do NOT use first person. You must paraphrase; do not include any direct quotes. Do not cite other sources outside of the article that you are reviewing.

You will list your first reference, then a review of the article, then the next reference, then a review of that article, etc. This assignment does not need to include a title page, or reference page. However, each reference must be listed in current APA format before the 150-word review. Review the APA guide for annotated bibliography formatting and examples.

If you need assistance understanding an annotated bibliography please check in the Liberty Online Library under annotated bibliography.If you need assistance finding scholarly journal articles, please check out the Liberty’s Online Library.

Research Paper: Reference Page

For this assignment, you will submit a reference page in current APA format for your Research Paper. In addition to the textbook and the Bible, your reference page must contain at least 6 scholarly peer reviewed journal articles. For the 4 peer-reviewed journal articles, 2 of these must support/use Behavioral Learning Theory and 2 must support/use Cognitive Learning Theory. Remaining sources must address educational implications, historical context, and/or biblical worldview topics related to Behavioral and Cognitive Learning Theories. Each of the 6 peer-reviewed journal articles must have been published within the last 5 years. Popular writing, books, and web pages are NOT acceptable sources for this paper.

Final Research Paper

For this assignment, you will use what you have already learned through the Annotated Bibliography and Reference Page assignments to write a Research Paper that will compare Behavioral Learning Theories and Cognitive Learning Theories. You will include a title page, an 8-page body, and a reference page. The body will include an introduction, 6 sections, and a conclusion. The paper must be written in current APA format. Current APA Level 1 sub-headings must be used throughout the paper. The 6 main sections of the paper will address the following topics:

1. Historical Development of Each Theory—For each theory, discuss prominent persons and their corresponding historic research. Include how the theory developed over time. Have there been significant changes from its development to current research?

2. Key Concepts of Each Theory—This section will focus on the major points of each theory. How is new information acquired? What are the goals of learning? What is unique about each theory?

3. Research Support for Each Theory—This section will include a review of 4 peer-reviewed scholarly research articles. The first 2 articles will address research in which Behavior Learning Theory has been applied. The other 2 articles will use Cognitive Learning Theory in the research. Each article must show the effectiveness of the learning theory it addresses.

4. Educational Implications—This section will discuss the implications for how learning takes place in the classroom. Discuss the benefits and applications of each theory. How would each theory explain about learn in a classroom setting? What are the benefits to teaching new information utilizing each theory?

5. Biblical Worldview—Discuss what the Bible says regarding learning behavior in humans. How would a biblical worldview impact a learner? Include chapter and verse when citing the Bible.

6. Most Effective Theory of Learning—Select which theory of learning (Behavioral or Cognitive) is most effective. Substantiate this decision with research support citing journal articles and the textbook.

Reference Requirements

Required sources for this paper include the Bible, your textbook, and 6 peer-reviewed journal articles. Sources must address Behavioral and Cognitive Learning Theories, educational implications, historical context, and/or biblical worldview topics related to Behavioral and Cognitive Learning Theories. All sources must have been published within the last 5 years. Do not use first person, only third person is allowed in APA writing. Popular writing and web pages are NOT acceptable sources for this paper. Refer to the grading rubric to fully understand the requirements for this assignment.

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