Environmental science homework help

Environmental science homework help. 225.1

What is Environmental Science?

Environmental science studies the complex interactions between humans and the world around them. These interactions involve many fields of science including physics, biology, chemistry, geology, and more. Because of the human investment in environmental science, researchers must also be aware of the social, economic, and ethical conflicts involved. Think about the environmental issues that affect your local community. Are there problems associated with getting clean water? How does your community deal with waste disposal, water treatment, and the generation of power? How has development of your local area changed over time? Do you think this has had any influence on the organisms that live in your local area?

Answer the following throughout the week:

· Describe one or two issues that you believe are related to environmental science. They may be things that are happening in your own home or community, or something affecting the country.

· Do some research to find some specific facts concerning this issue and provide a brief summary of your findings. Be sure to consult reliable sources of information like

· What aspects of your everyday life do you think can be improved through a better understanding of environmental science?

· What things do you not understand that you hope this course will be able to clarify?

Your Discussion Board posts should be original, well thought-out, and respectful. Main posts should fully and completely discuss each question posed and make frequent, informed references to this unit’s material. Engage in ongoing, productive conversation by responding to a minimum of two classmates per topic. Responses to classmates should be at least 50 words. Remember, you will learn more by sharing ideas!

Please note: Borrowed material (quotes, summaries, or paraphrases) should make up no more than 10% of the total word count for all written assignments in this course, including Discussion. All writing must be in your own words and borrowed material must be properly cited and referenced.

Environmental science homework help


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