The Elementary and Secondary school Act 1965 ESEA reauthorized as the No Child Left Behind in 2001 is keen to incorporate the federal government participation to the public education matters. This education policy seeks to provide education to children that come from low income families to enhance equality and access to early education as they work on Individuals with Disabilities Act that was reformed in 2002 that gives preference to disabled.

         Currently, president Barrack Obama is working on reforming the education policy to teacher centeredness stating that teachers are essential in students’ success. He has requested a $71 billion in the 13/14 fiscal year budget to employ more qualified teachers to needy schools. With N. C. L.B Act debate, there will be consistency in the education system with equal opportunities for education accessible to all students. Since the federal government is involved in states affairs through grant in aid programs, it will continue to give grants in blocks that will be used by the states for education.

Over- infringement of the federal government to the local education will jeopardize the sovereignty of the state and encourage the government to employ creative federalism by even imposing sanctions and unfunded mandates.

         Effectiveness of policy should be linked to the skills acquired by the said student to make them self dependant citizen and not necessarily getting high grades. Heckman J.J  (2010) December; Invest in Early Childhood writes that funding of education is important because inequality in terms of student upbringing has its effect in economy. Margret Spellings (2007); Building Results, publication indicates that the ESEA Act policy has enhanced student success and schools improvement.

In terms of federalism, it inclines itself to the inter government relations that entails co working together for the good of the citizens hence consistent with the current constitutional framework.


The standardized testing and role of the federal government continues….

What exactly do they assess about student learning? What was used before them? What are the academic standards aka “standards-based education reform”? (Perhaps you could peruse your state’s department of education website and familiarize yourself with them and share a critique of them with us? 



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