>History homework help

>History homework help.

  1. First, your proposal should identify the community you are targeting. One way to find a community is to use information gathered from the 2010 Census that presents a profile of a community ( For example, use the demographic profile of your community to justify the need for a domestic violence awareness project. The Census is only intended to help narrow down a community.
  2. Once you identify a community, identify the type of domestic violence (e.g. elder abuse, bullying, child abuse, stalking, etc.) you will address in your project. For example, if your community is the aging veteran population (between the ages of 65 to 75) in the East Coast who live in a nursing home, the type of domestic violence you might be interested in is elderly abuse with a specialization in financial abuse.
  3. Once you complete Step 1 and Step 2, you will identify a specific activity, event, or “deliverable” (brochure, pamphlet, handbook, poster, presentation, writing and performing a song using online media, etc.) that will promote awareness of domestic violence and advocate for its victims. Be creative!  You will be creating this so make sure it is a feasible endeavor. For example, if your community is the female adolescent group (between the ages of 16 to 19) in NYC school system, the  type of domestic violence you might be interested in is child abuse and a specific activity can be creating a Facebook page that promotes awareness, resources, and advocacy.

……. I am also fine with Bullying.

>History homework help


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