History homework help

History homework help. Length: 2000 words

Task Your task is to respond to one of the following questions.

  1. What effect did Christianity have on sexual practices?
  2. Investigate attitudes to abortion in nineteenth-century Britain or America.
  3. What were the features of eighteenth-century homosexual subcultures?
  4. Is it accurate to characterise the Victorian era as a period of sexual repression?
  5. Were puritan attitudes to sexuality austere?
  6. How have scientific, medical and legal professions regulated sex and sexuality?
  7. Are romantic friendships evidence of a nineteenth-century lesbian subculture?
  8. Explain the major approaches to writing histories of sex and sexuality.
  9. Were the 1960s a period of ‘sexual revolution’?
  10. Assess community responses to the HIV/AIDS crisis in the late twentieth century?



  • The essay should be between 2000 words in length (excluding bibliography and intext referencing or footnotes).
  • Your name and student number must be written clearly at the top of the submission along with the question you are attempting to answer
  • The essay must comprise an introduction, main body and conclusion, and it must be written in clear prose and have a coherent structure. Do not use subheadings.
  • You may use any readings provided in the course, but you must also consult additional scholarly sources. All sources must be cited using appropriate in-text referencing conventions, or footnotes if you prefer. As a guide, you should use at least 10 sources.
  • All sources used in your response must be fully cited in a bibliography (as outlined in the Guide to Referencing).
  • Unacceptable sources include lecture notes, encyclopaedias, and unverifiable internet sources (e.g. Wikipedia

Each essay must be written in at least 12-point font, double spaced with appropriate margins Research Essay



History homework help


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