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Information Systems homework help. Details:

If you want to email me a question about your assignments I’m happy to troubleshoot remotely. However, if I need to look at your work, upload your assignment to Canvas. IU removes files from email attachments that contain macros/VBA or are zip archives. Also, Excel files with large datasets, pivot tables, Tables, images, and charts tend to get large, so Canvas is the best option.


  1. Obtain the data of your choosing from the internet. This can be sports data, financial data, or any reasonable data set. Keep in mind you will be building some visualizations with this data, so you will want enough rows to work with. You might try, or to an external site.) to get started. Searching for data with or will also help you find large amounts of data quickly. An alternate option is to generate data. If you still are looking for something interesting you can use this dataset from – VideoGames.csv
  2. Your task will be to build a dashboard that tells me a story about your data. As you are using the Power BI for this assignment, the data you collect mustbe connected to your dashboard using Power Query. This was demonstrated in class. You may link to a web site, or us any variety of local file. If you use a local file, be sure to submit it with your assignment. For this assignment you may use either the Power BI Desktop suite or the web version of Power BI that was demonstrated in class. If you are using the web version, see below for submission instructions.
  3. Create at least three visualizations of your data. The goal is to use a variety of visualizations, so please use three different Each visualization must be concise and informative. Unintelligible or distracting visuals will be graded as incorrect. In doing so, consider the following:
    • Use appropriate chart types for your visualizations.
    • Tables are acceptable, but should be reasonable. Refer to class materials for additional clarification on this.
    • Avoid using charts repeatedly (3 column charts, etc). But again, use appropriate charts. This may help: best-chart.png
    • I will also accept a statistical analysis of your data, though that should not be the only aspect of your analysis. Additionally, format your analysis to add visual appeal.
  4. Provide a brief description of your visualization in a textbox on the accompanying worksheet. Briefly describe what you want your visualization to demonstrate about your data.

The purpose of this application will be for analysis and visualization. While the design of your application and the majority of the analysis tools used will be up to you, there are a few minimum requirements your application must meet.


  • The analysis tool you will use for this assignment is the Power BI Suite (either Desktop or Online). The data you are going to analyze must be added to the Data Model with appropriate relationships. Remember, any relationships you may need can be made in the data model. If the data model detects the relationships, be sure to double check them for accuracy.
  • Include at least one example of a drill down somewhere in your analysis. You may do this in any part of the project you wish.
  • Using Power BI create one or more reasonable calculated fields/columns. If you have multiple tables in your Data Model, be sure to create corresponding relationships. Remember to review the DAX functions for this step.
    Include at least one example of a time intelligence function your analysis.
  • Your dashboard pages should use a variety of visual tools available without being redundant or difficult to interpret.
  • One or more of your visualizations should be a chart type/visual tool that Excel does not have or does not do well. For example, Excel can do Column Charts just fine, but Power BI has much richer versions of Treemaps and Map charts (see the ArcGIS charts), and new charts/features are added monthly.

My grading criteria is as follows:

  • No file submitted (0 pts)
  • Six points for connecting to, importing, and modeling your data.
  • Three points per visualization. Including but not limited to:
    • Correct visual based on the data
    • Visual is clear
    • Visual is not overloaded with data or has adequate drilldown/aggregate capabilities.
  • Three points per description of your visualizations.
  • Three points for using an example of a drill down or time intelligence function.
  • Three points for creation of a calculated column.

Summary of Deliverables:

For this assignment you should submit a single .pbix file and any associated files (Access Database, csv files, etc) to Canvas.

  • If you are using Windows:
    • The Power BI Desktop Suite saves as a .pbix file by default. Upload that file and any associated files.
  • If you are using a Mac or the Online version of Power BI:
    • When you are finished with your project you can submit by following these steps:
      • View your dashboard in Power BI Online
      • Click the File arrow
      • Select Download report (Preview)
    • This will download a .pbix copy of your dashboard (even on a Mac). Submit that file and any other associated documents.

Submit all documents to Canvas before the posted due date.


Information Systems homework help


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