>Information Systems homework help

>Information Systems homework help.

he answer to classifying the data type, measure of central tendency, and the measure of dispersion for this assignment is found in Study 2 of this unit, which contains a paper, “Choosing and Using the Right Descriptive Statistics.” This assigned reading explains how you can capture the important dimensions of a distribution with just a few numbers. It then describes how to determine what data type you are dealing with. Knowing this data type gives you the information you need to answer the question about which measure of central tendency and measure of dispersion are appropriate. This is explained in detail in the latter part of the paper. Be sure you read it carefully and understand it.

Examine Table 4.1 in your Field textbook, page 112. Note that in addition to participant name, there are six rows, each displaying a variable and listing its content.

  1. In a Word document, list each of the six variables in its own row under the column labeled Variable as shown.
  2. After each variable, populate its row with the type of data it contains, using the information contained in the Introduction to Unit 4.
  3. Next, list the most appropriate measure of central tendency for that variable.
  4. Finally, indicate the most appropriate measure of dispersion for that variable. For example, if you were to use the variable “Name,” you would list the following:

VariableData TypeMeasure of Central TendencyMeasure of DispersionNameNominalModeHow Many Categories

Step 2: Enter the Data

  1. Manually enter the data from your Field textbook, page 112, Table 4.1, “Some Data With Which to Play” into SPSS.
  2. Save this dataset in a safe place. You will use this dataset to complete the tasks in Step 3.

Step 3: Create and Interpret Graphs

Complete Tasks 1 through 6 in your Field textbook, page 167:

  1. Create and interpret error bar charts (Tasks 1 and 2).
  2. Create and interpret error line charts (Tasks 3 and 4).
  3. Create and interpret scatterplots: one with a regression line and one scatterplot matrix (Tasks 5 and 6).
  4. Copy and paste all six charts to a Word document and add your interpretation.

Step 4: Report

  1. Create an APA-formatted report, detailing Step 2.
  2. Use subsection headings for each major substep. Make sure you include a cover page with the appropriate information, including your name.
  3. Support your discussion with credible research methods references (such as Field, 2018) and include an APA-formatted reference list of all sources cited in the report.
  4. Review the assignment scoring guide to ensure that you meet all criteria.
  5. Save your report as YourLastName_U4.doc and submit it along with YourLastName_U4.spv to the Unit 4 Assignment.
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>Information Systems homework help


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