Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help. CIS 4655/CIS 5755 Fall 2020
Project Case
Midwest Consulting Services (MCS) is an IT consulting company established five years ago, serving
primarily Kansas City area businesses. The company has been growing both in term of its client base
and the services it offers. Its services include IT strategy and planning, business continuity and disaster
recovery, cloud strategy, data analytics, etc. Many client companies these days are located across the
Midwest, which means more travel for the MCS consulting team.
Last year, MCS introduced changes to its organizational structure. Before re-organization, the company
structure consisted of the support departments (accounting and human resources) and the consulting
team, organized in a few small groups based on their IT specialty. Under the new structure, the support
departments remain the same, but the consulting side is split into units. These units group consultants
for specific IT areas, such as cloud strategy unit, business continuity unit, data analytics unit and so on.
Each unit has a director.
In a recent meeting of unit directors and support departments, the accounting director raised a concern
about the paper-based system the company uses to handle consultant travel expenses. This system
worked fine when business travel was limited, but as consultants are travelling more often to their client
companies, keeping track of these expenses has become an issue for the department. Following
discussions on this issue, it was decided that MCS would assign some of the consulting staff to the
development of a web-based system to handle consultant travel requests and reimbursement of
expenses. Below is a description of the current procedures related to consultant travel.
In order to get reimbursed for their travel, a consultant’s travel plans have to be pre-approved by their
unit director. After the business travel, consultants need to complete forms that detail their travel
expenses. This paperwork has to be approved by the unit director before being sent to the accounting
department. The accounting department verifies completeness of the documentation and processes
reimbursement of related expenses.
In addition to generating a significant amount of paperwork, one issue with the current system is the
difficulty of generating reports about expenses of various consultants, units and future travel plans.
These reports could be useful for budgeting and resource allocation.
In a preliminary meeting of representatives from accounting, unit directors and IT consultants that will
develop the system, it was decided that the new system should include the following functionalities:
Before their travel, consultants should be able to go online and submit a travel request to be approved
by their unit director. Once such a request is submitted, the consultant should be able to view the status
of their request, or delete it in case there has been a change of plans.
After the travel has taken place, the consultant should be able to use the system to submit their travel
expenses reimbursement information. At any time, consultants should be able to view the status of their
The system will allow unit directors to view the travel requests waiting for their approval and deny or
approve them as deemed necessary. For approved travel plans, unit directors can also review and
approve travel expenses.
Finally, accounting department should be able to access travel expenses information and process
reimbursement. Accounting department should only view the approved travel and reimbursement
The web-based system should also allow authorized users (such as unit directors or accounting staff)
• Generate a list of travels for a particular consultant, including expenses.
• Generate travel reports for consultants of a specific unit, including expenses.
• Generate travel reports related to a specific client, including expenses.
• Notify unit directors when travel requests or reimbursement requests await for their approval.
Project Requirements:
1. Create a set of user stories related to the new travel expenses web-based system.
2. Create one or more use case diagrams and structured-narrative use cases for the new system. For
the structured-narrative, use the template specified in this course.
3. Create CRC cards and work through the review process discussed in class. Document any changes
you make to your class model based upon your review.
4. Create a class diagram that includes class names, list of attributes, and relationships.
5. Create prototypes of user interfaces, screens and reports, to reflect the interaction described in the
use cases. Paper and pencil is fine as long as it is neat. Note the connection between the interface
and the use case(s). Preserve traceability.
Provide sufficient narrative to describe deliverables, especially to support traceability.
List all assumptions that influence your documentation.
Submission format
Submit as a Word document or pdf in the link in Blackboard. I would prefer you use a tool to draw
diagrams or UI prototypes. However, inserting pictures of hand-drawn diagrams is fine as long as they
are legible. Include a cover page with the course number, year, project title, and full team member
names. Do NOT include the 700 number.
Grading rubric
Deliverable Points Grade
1. User stories 20
2. Use case diagram 20
3. Use case narratives 30
4. CRC cards 15
5. Class diagram 15
6. Prototypes 30
7. Other documentation 10
8. Formatting/ presentation 10
Total points 150

Information Systems homework help


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