Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.


Individual Assignment: Activity Diagram

Another type of diagram that may be helpful for Systems Analysis and Design for an Enterprise

System would be an activity diagram. An activity diagram resembles a horizontal flowchart that

shows the actions and events as they occur. Activity diagrams show the order in which the actions

take place and identify the outcomes. An activity diagram is not used to design a whole system.

1. To complete this lab, make sure that you watch the video first.

2. You must use the correct SYNTAX or shape for each step (Do not use any symbols; you will

lose points).

3. Your work MUST look professional.

4. Use one of the free online software tools to help you with your diagram.

5. No cover sheet is required. Add your name to your assignment.


What do you have to do?

Your task for this assignment is to design an activity diagram showing the actions and events

involved in transferring money from a bank checking account to the same bank saving account

using a mobile application.




Grading Rubric


1. Design Outline (40 points)

a. Outline your design decisions.

b. Identify the components of your system. Also, describe the purpose of each element.

c. Describe the interactions between individual system components.


2. Design Details (20 points)

a. Design your activity diagram (draw using a free online designing tool).

b. Include class level design of the system and provide a label detailing as you can.

c. Describe the interactions.


3. Design Appearance (20 points)

a. The design lines are neat.

b. The design possesses a professional appearance.


4. Overall Organization (20 points)

a. Styling, clarity, the right information is correct.

b. Provide actions and events.

Information Systems homework help


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