Law homework help

Law homework help.


1)  Discuss the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Be sure to answer: What are they? What drove their creation? Who wrote them? Are they mandatory or advisory? How do they actually work? How do they influence the design of a compliance program? What are the basic elements of an effective compliance program under the Guidelines? What does a corporation stand to lose of it chooses not to follow the model established by the guidelines? How has the influence of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines changed over the years?

2) What is the difference between a rules-based compliance program and a values-based compliance program? Can you have one without the other? Which provides greater flexibility? Which is more effective? Which way is the trend heading? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Why? What are the pros and cons of rules-based and values-based programs?

There is no minimum or maximum word count as to how much you should write. Points are not given for length; rather, accuracy, thoughtfulness, and completeness in your responses. Be sure to answer each sub-question. At least 1 page per question.

Law homework help


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