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Assignment should be done by reading this link.




To analyze how management concepts relate to managers to be more effective and efficient. (see below for prompts to help you tackle the assignment). Being a group assignment, students will gain exposure to various perspectives, benefit and learn from different writing styles/strengths, and if each group member contributes at least one journal article, then groups will benefit from having a greater number of articles from which to choose.


Article Selection:

· Each team (4-5 students) will select a journal article (published no earlier than September 1, 2017 in outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, and/or Peer reviewed journal articles in Academic Journals).

· Teams are required to choose an article related to concepts covered in the course and how they are relevant for managers to be more effective and efficient in today’s dynamic environment.


Paper Description:

This paper allows you to state your opinion about the management concepts of your choice and then support your claim with facts, theories, or research. Thoroughly explain your opinions and cite as much outside reference support (i.e., peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles, and/or professional sources. NO BLOGS) to substantiate your discussion.


(Note: Do not copy the information present on the web. Emphasis should be to understand the framework for understanding the factors that influence how managers can be more effective and efficient).


Prepare a detailed 5-8 pages concept paper using the questions below as a guide. Be sure to incorporate your readings, and cite your sources using APA guidelines (6th edition including in-text citations and references)



Section 1: Paper Overview (Max. 1 Page, double space)

· Article Specific- Discuss the management concepts and/or functions?

· Briefly discuss the overview of the article and main findings from the paper.


Section 2: Discussion of Management concepts

(Max 4 Pages, double space)


· The students should be able to identify and discuss the management concepts and functions applicable in the selected article.

· Discuss the relevance of the management concept(s) in today’s dynamic environment

· Should be able to discuss the managerial implications of the concepts.


Section 3: Reflection (Max. 2 pages, double space)


This section is mainly your analysis of the selected article focusing on the managers to be more effective and efficient.


· Through this article, are any management course concepts challenged?

· Having read this journal article, do you see the need to refine any of our course material to better capture the reality of organizational life?

· What changes would our management course material suggest in order to improve the practice(s) featured in your journal article?

· How would you use our management course material to support the initiatives/new practices featured in your journal article?

· Why should a management student read this article?


Note: Feel free to answer all questions in your discussion. Do not feel pressured to answer all questions as some may not be applicable depending on your topic.


Paper Guidelines:


· Format of the paper: There are no special formatting requirements. For in-text citations and references follow APA 6th edition. Should be able to know more about APA


· Number of pages- Maximum 5-8 pages double space. The number of pages does not guarantee an “A” on the paper; it depends on the quality of the discussion, depth, and rigor in the paper. Cover the information, which clearly present the framework of P-O-L-C in the organization.


· Number of references- Minimum 5 references, this is to make sure that you use at least five good quality research papers to substantiate the discussion and add value to the extant literature in the field of study. Reference page is exclusive to the page limit. (These minimum references do not guarantee an “A” in the paper).


· Quality of the information is important, but how do you present that information is equally important. Please use appropriate headings and sub-headings to clearly present the information in the paper.


· References (Build a comprehensive reference page that includes refereed journal articles and/or websites cited above.  It is NOT acceptable to have only web articles that are not scholarly/refereed journal articles.  Do not use Wikipedia/encyclopedia or blogs and similar Internet sources in this paper). Feel free to use professional business journals such as Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, and/or company websites etc.


· IMPORTANT:  Turnitin is a part of the D2L. Every time student turns in any assignment in the dropbox in college. Turnitin would automatically evaluate it. WARNING: DOES check to see if any part of the document is copied from any other document in their files…published or unpublished. Because of the nature of the assignments, some duplication is acceptable and even expected…such as the repetition of titles, names and specific questions and quotations. Within 24 hours of submission, you should be able to check for your report detailing what percentage of your paper has been previously submitted. You are expected to correct and resubmit to reduce it as low as possible (be sure to allow extra time for this!) Anything over 25% will result in automatic point deductions, but anything (no matter what % shows) that does not follow acceptable documentation and citation practices will result in grade deductions or worse. Please note if the Turnitin percentage is higher than 35% it will be evaluated for any plagiarism issue and will be notified to the appropriate authority to take any further action. (Review grading rubric for points deduction). Therefore, please take this very seriously. Correct sentence structure, grammar and spelling are expected on all written assignments submitted for a grade. For additional help with written assignments, please contact the Online Writing Lab at



Presentation Guidelines:


Each group will produce a Power Point presentation based on their papers. The following format is recommended:


Slide 1 – Cover page with team member names.

Slide 2 – Each student should summarize their findings on two slides.

Final Discussion Slides – This should consist of approximately two slides.

Conclusion Slide – wrap up your group results in a succinct manner.


More details will be provided as we progress in the course.

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