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Management homework help. Compass 3: Final Assignment




The final assignment provides you with an opportunity to identify and further develop an emotional intelligence competency. Through consistent and mindful practice, you will work toward mastery of the competency you selected. Over the course of several weeks, you will self-reflect on the impact in your life, both as an individual and as a teammate, your own effectiveness with respect to productive relationship building, and in your journey as an emotionally intelligent, authentic leader.


Your final assignment will focus on your application of what you learned in the Modules, through your team meetings, and/or from guest speakers.



Preparing for the Assignment

In preparation for the final assignment, you must first select the competency you will focus on and then actually practice that competency over several weeks .


Next, select a method to document your practice; for example, you may select to document your practice within the Compass 3 Real-Life Practice Journal (available within Canvas), a google document, notes, or even by texting yourself. Select whatever works best for you and your preferred style!


Once you determine your documentation method, consider when and where you can practice the competency. Your team meetings are a great place to practice new behaviors and you’ll have recordings of the meetings to reference. Aside from team meetings, you could also practice with team members from other classes, co-workers (if you have a job during the semester) or with friends, roommates, family members, etc. I know many of you are members of clubs and organizations as well. The opportunities are endless! Practicing in multiple situations and various environments will provide you with more potential content for your final project.


Once you are consistently practicing your selected competency, regularly enter notes in order to monitor your behavior, action, and/or impact. Your notes do not need to be organized in any particular way, they are primarily for your benefit and may even help you further reflect on your practice situations. Within your reflection notes, you can consider the following self-observations and outcomes, including:

· Objectively recounting what happened when you practiced the competency

· Factually describing what you said or did

· Neutrally (without interpretation of words or actions) explaining what others said or did

· Subjectively discussing how you felt

· Empathetically articulating how your behaviors affected others


And, then….

· Describe how your behaviors connect to course content and concepts

· Self-reflect as to whether or not you accomplished exactly what you intended

· Assess how you will move forward

· Determine how you will integrate these concepts into your life even after the semester is over


LinkedIn Article

You will write and publish an article (approximately 300 to 500 words) on LinkedIn which may provide a brief overview of the competency you selected, a description of your practice, an overview of its impact, the single most important thing you learned, and advice to the readers. You will submit the hyperlink (URL) to your article, as well as a screen shot of your article, to Canvas.


To publish a LinkedIn Article, first go to the “Home” page of your LinkedIn Profile and within the “Start a Post” portion, select “Write article.”



Once you click on “Write article,” it will take you to this screen (below). You can use all of the tools and then select “Publish.” It may work better for you to have your article already written (and pre-select non-copyrighted pictures) prior to this step.



Please note: this assignment should be taken very seriously because, as you know, anyone in the world will be able to read YOUR ARTICLE!!! (A major Personal Branding Opportunity, right?!) And, you’ll also be able to see how many people like, comment, and view your post / article. (I’ve included an example from my LI Page below.)









Possible Topics

Both the individual and team assignment option should cover a topic you learned about in Compass 3 either within the Modules, through your team meetings, and/or from guest speakers and must tie to a skill or competency in your Blue EQ report. The major topics we’ve covered this semester include:

· Leading A Virtual Team

· Self-Regard

· Optimism

· Self-Respect

· Self-Confidence

· Motivation

· Independence

· Self-Awareness

· Openness

· Self-Knowledge

· Integrity

· Monitoring

· Introspection

· Self Control

· Impulse Control

· Stress Tolerance

· Emotional Stability

· Resilience

· Delayed Gratification

· Social Perception

· Empathy

· Observation

· Anticipation

· Interpretation

· Mindfulness

· Social Effectiveness

· Influence

· Conflict Management

· Relationship Management

· Accountability

· Ego Management

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