Management homework help

Management homework help. Subject: System Testing and Verification



You were tasked to do system testing for newly developed Airport Passenger Processing System. With this new system, airport will have less employees and faster passenger processing time. This is to make the airport more efficient and more secure. The new airport passenger processing system will replace the boarding-pass and ID Control with modern IT system.

Airport has five terminals. The new system will be implemented in all terminals of the airport gradually. It will take one week to install new IT system in a terminal.

There will be three databases in the new IT system:

Passenger database will record and authenticate each passenger in the airport

Employee database will record and authenticate each employee in the airport

Flight database will record each flight in the airport

The new airport passenger processing system will produce boarding pass and update the list of the passengers in each aircraft before take-off.


QUESTION 1: When you would perform system testing?

QUESTION 2: What would be your focus on the testing stage? The purpose of system testing

QUESTION 3: What type of System Testing Types you would implement?

QUESTION 4: Given an example of functional testing that you would apply


300+ words, APA Format And two references please

Management homework help


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