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Management homework help. MGMT 601: Individual Assignment #2 – Cross-Cultural Analysis of Leadership Styles
Due – November 28 – 11:50 pm
For this assignment you will select two different leaders from two different ethnic or national cultures.
Using your knowledge of cross-cultural differences in leadership styles, also based upon the course
content covered to date and your research, compare and contrast the styles, traits and outcomes of the
two different leaders from two different cultures that you have selected.
Comment on whether you think those styles would be effective if applied in the other leader’s cultural
environment – explain why or why not?
Some academic journals are listed below for your convenience. If you need help choosing a journal, you
can consult a librarian or UCW writing coach.
Before you start working on your presentation, you should thoroughly explore the grading rubric at the
end of this instruction and clearly identify key elements based on which your assignment will be assessed.
● Critical thinking must be demonstrated to get a good mark
● The paper should be between 1,500 and 1,700 words in length (not including references)
This assignment holds a value of 15% of your final mark.
Marks are assigned as per the Grading Rubric in this instruction document.
Part A (45%) -Provide a brief summary of the characteristics of each of the two national cultures you will
reference – Hofstede could be a helpful reference: Introduce the two leaders you will compare and explain their traits, styles and the outcomes
of those traits and styles in their career.
Part B (45%) – Compare and contrast the leadership traits, styles and outcomes of the two leaders.
Explain if their traits and styles could be successful in the other’s cultural environment – explain why or
why not, in your view.
Part C – (10%) – Professionalism, Grammar, Format and references

Grading Rubric for Assignment #2
Criteria Unacceptable Excellent total
Part A – Introductions and Descriptions
❏ Briefly summarized the characteristics of each of the
two national cultures
❏ Briefly introduced the two leaders
❏ Described the leaders’ traits, styles and the career
outcomes of those with reference to evidence of
those from research
0-26 31-35 41-45
Part B – Compare and Contrast
❏ Compared and contrasted the leadership traits, styles
and outcomes of the two leaders.
❏ Explained whether their traits and styles could be
successful in the other’s cultural environment
❏ Provided explanation of reasoning for why or why not
❏ Demonstrated critical thinking in all/ some/few/no
0-26 31-35 41-45
Part C – Professionalism
❏ Grammar, formatting, accuracy, wordcount 0-6 7 8 9 10
List of some of the possible Journals for your research
Your article must be on topic and must have an author and a publisher to be a valid choice.
1. Academy of Management Journal
2. Academy of Management Perspectives
3. Academy of Management Review
4. Academy of Management, Learning, &
5. Administrative Science Quarterly
6. British Journal of Management
7. Business Ethics Quarterly
8. Business Strategy & the Environment
9. Journal of Business Ethics
10. Journal of Change Management
11. Journal of International Business
12. Leadership Quarterly
13. MIT Sloan Management Review
All of these journals are available through our library website.
Remember, you are doing research, so allow yourself lots of time to complete it.

Management homework help


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