Management homework help

Management homework help.  

College of Business Administration (COBA)

FALL Semester (2020/2021)


Case Study Assignment

MGT 101


Due Date 18 November 2020, at 6:00pm
Weighting 10% of the final grade
Format Word document
Cover page Add and fill in the cover sheet (p.5)
Submission Students to submit their assignment via LMS
Type Group (2 to 5 members)
Case study
Find the case study in the attached pdf file.

Write your answers below each question

1-      What is the main issue/issues of this case study?








2-      Many managers say that evaluating an employee’s performance is one of their most difficult tasks. Why do you think they feel this way? What can organizations (and managers) do to make it an effective process?











3-       What’s your impression of the color-coded system suggested by the former CEO? As a store department supervisor, how would you have approached that?













4-      What could JCPenney executives have done to make this process more effective?











Time log:

Insert your group’s time log here:












Before you submit:

Before you finalize and submit your assignment make sure that you check your answers against the marking criteria below:


Criteria Marks
You offer your own analysis of the case study (with supporting evidence) 3
You have kept to the topic/case, answered the questions given, and excluded irrelevant points and unnecessary padding. 2
Arguments are logical and practical 2
Sentences are grammatically correct, clear and easy to understand. You have used a spell checker to check for typing mistakes. 1
Your style is active and likely to engage the audience. 1
Time log 1




Policy on plagiarism and cheating

Cheating, which include plagiarism, is a form of misconduct that undermines academic integrity. As such YU condemns all form of cheating and imposes stiff penalties on offenders in order to build a no-cheating environment.


Cheating is a serious educational offence. Cheating occurs when a student:

  • Uses or attempts to use unauthorized aids, assistance, materials or methods.
  • Copies another student’s work and submit it as his/her own work.
  • Allows another student to copy his/her work.
  • Collaborates excessively with other students and decompiles sample solutions.
  • Using mobile phone during exam.


If it is determined that a student has cheated, in any course at any time during their enrolment at YU, the University will proceed various types of disciplinary action depending on the circumstances like giving zero grade for the quiz in question,  failing grade for the course, even suspension from the semester or from the university. (ref: Cheating and Plagiarism Policy: version 1, approved on 5.12.2009).














Cover Page



Names of Group Members

IDs #

Course Name

Section #

Case Study Assignment








Management homework help


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