Management homework help

Management homework help. Answer the following questions regarding the in-class Leadership Qualities Exercise. Your responses should not exceed 900 words APA (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins).

Your answers may consider topics and models discussed in the course, in your MHR curriculum, and from your lives thus far. If you use any tables, charts, figures, graphs, etc., they shall be placed at the end of the document and do not count against the word count. You must include appropriate references (in-text citations & works cited), as needed, the exercise’s word count, and a documentation statement. As always, you must document all sources, citations (including any articles & materials), and any other help received.


1. How did you go about reducing the list of 24 leadership qualities down to 15? What procedure did you take to rank order your top 15 leadership traits? What trait(s) do you think was/were missing (could/should have been included)? Why do you believe that this trait could/should have been on the list?

2. What process did your group use to assimilate your varied selections and reduce the inputs down to the group’s Top 9 qualities? What procedure did your group use to rank order your Top 9 qualities? Which quality were you most disappointed to not make the list? Why didn’t it make it onto the group’s final list?

3. How did your group’s list compare to the overall class list? What differences existed? Why do you think those differences existed? Which list was better…yours, your group’s, or the classes? Why do you feel that way?

Management homework help


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