Management homework help

Management homework help.

This is strictly an individual exercise. Your answers should be typed, double spaced, and have 1-inch margins.  Save your answers to a word file before uploading it to Blackboard. There are 5 essay questions and each question is worth 30 points.

Use the concepts, theories, vocabulary, and frameworks of principles of management to answer the questions and complete the analysis.

Focus on what the question asks. Do not simply do a “mind dump” and write down everything you read or recall about the topics covered in the course, hoping that the answer to a question is somewhere in there.  Unrelated, extraneous material will detract from your answer and make it harder for me to assess whether or not you understand how to answer a question.

Make your answers complete.  I cannot grade what you mean to write.  I can only grade what you actually write.  Be sure to develop your ideas well enough that I will be able to understand your answers.

All the best!

Question 1: In Chapter 16, section 16.2 discusses various forms of communication, including written and oral.  The text also explains the transformation of information without speaking or writing, known as non-verbal communication. Some examples provided in this section were traffic lights and sirens as well as things such as office size and placement, which imply something or someone of importance. Identify at least five symbols in the work environment that suggest outright or hint subtlety of a person’s status or position? Explain your choices in adequate details.

Question 2: Watch Corporate Responsibility Magazine editor Jen Boynton interview Chief Sustainability Officer Frank O’Brien-Bernini on Owens Corning ranking #3 on the 2018 list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens (  Discuss the ethical principles and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives described during this interview. Are these principles unique to Owens Corning as a company or could any organization apply them to make better ethical decisions and manage a socially responsible business?  Why? Why not?

Question 3: Chapter 8 discusses the Five Forces analysis tool developed by Harvard Professor Michael Porter. Each element of the Five Forces could be more or less relevant to a manager depending upon the organization and the industry in which they operate. After reviewing this tool assess the five forces for the industries for two firms—Ford and Netflix. Which firm seems to be in a more profitable industry? What are the major threats for each from their respective industries?

Question 4: Using either the VRIO or Value Chain analysis tools describe how Walmart is able to create a sustainable competitive advantage?

Question 5: You read about the apparel retailer Lululemon Athletica earlier in the semester (during the week 9/21-9/25). Discuss their Human Resources practices (hiring, performance management, talent development and employee motivation) and explain why these practices work for this firm? Are there any fallouts of these practices for the organization?

Management homework help


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