>Management homework help

>Management homework help.

Please make sure that it is your own and not copy and paste off of someone else work. Make sure you watch out for spelling and grammar errors. Please read the study guide. This is a DBA course and needs to be done on this level.

Book reference: Johnson, C. E. (2019). Organizational ethics: A practical approach (4th ed.). SAGE. 9781506361765



For this assignment, you will need to write a literature review of sources related to the topics covered in your assignments regarding the Rogers Engineering and Manufacturing (REM) Case Study Scenarios. Be sure to evaluate your sources to make sure they are appropriate quality (peer-reviewed academic journals) and relevant to the topic. This assignment practices bringing together your research preparation and supporting your research study. Developing these skills is essential in the dissertation phase.

  • Review the articles you have critiqued or cited for your assignments from the past six units as well as new research articles that cover corporate social responsibility.
  • Formulate a review of the literature regarding ethical issues in organizations, using a minimum of six sources. At least one of the articles must cover the topic of this unit, which is corporate social responsibility. While you are reviewing many of the same sources from previous assignments, do not simply copy your critique or verbiage from those assignments. All literature review material for this assignment should be new.
  • Be sure to explain why each source was selected and how it is of value to the topic. Do not use sources over 5 years old.
  • In discussing the literature sources, compare and contrast the findings and any gaps in the research that may lead to additional research.

Your literature review should be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations used must be in APA style.


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>Management homework help


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