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>Management homework help. Q1

Good post.  According to the article The 10 Pros and Cons of Internal Recruitment  ” Similarly, your own staff will feel more valued, engaged and happier if you offer them opportunities to progress at your company and reward their hard work and loyalty.”  Do you agree or disagree with this statement..why or why not?

*** half page with minimum two references

substantive response to the question

Q 2


Managing the performance of employees is vital-yet delicate-responsibility.  Creating a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities to meet the company’s goals is primary.  The ultimate success or failure of a performance management system depends on the connection to the company’s business goals, and the attitudes and skills of those responsible for administration.

One of the most difficult tasks of a manager is assessing why someone is not performing well.  Read the scenario below and consider the following questions:

Carl Spackler works in research and development for a chemical company that makes non-nutritive food additives.  His most recent assignment has been the development of a non-nutritive aerosol cooking spray. Carl has specific goals tying back to the strategic goals of the company and he has achieved them.  Carl’s manager, Ray Moran, continues to put off completing Carl’s performance evaluation for almost 6 months.  When it was time to have the in person conversation, Ray tells Carl he is busy and to read it himself.  The evaluation is 3 sentences and does not provide any feedback.

1. Describe the potential causes of this scenario.

2. What could the manager have done differently?

3. How does this affect the overall success of the company?

4. Describe the issues with retaining a good employee like Carl?

What strategies can HR put in place to avoid these issues in the future?

*** one page with minimum three references



Identify a company which has an incentive plan in place. You can use your own company, as well. How does the company culture affect the compensation philosophy? Discuss the strategy behind the compensation model and outline the plan design.  Include the reasons to implement an incentive plan and the different types as it relates to individuals, groups and enterprise-wide.  Why are these plans important and what make them successful.  Discuss with your peers.

*** one page with minimum three references

>Management homework help


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