Management homework help

Management homework help.

Case study

Joe s a registered nurse. He  works in an acute medical ward in NHS trust since he qualified a year ago. He works regularly with Annabel, a junior sister, and considers her to be a friend. A month ago, Joe noticed that Annabel had begun to treat everyone in an off-hand way. Joe did not mind for himself but began to worry about the effect on patients. Joe heard Annabel shout at some patients and then one day he found out that Annabel was sedating a confused elderly patient with history of dementia without a prescription. Joe tried to speak to Joan but Annabel’s only response was that the doctor would prescribe it soon anyway and that she was just giving everyone a bit of peace. A few nights later when this patient got out of bed talking loudly and obviously in a state of confusion, Joe saw Annabel pushing her aggressively back to her bed. She pulled the curtains round the bed, and Joe then heard screams followed by moaning sounds from the patient.

The following day one of the doctors that Joe knew from the MDT meeting was visiting the ward and Joe mentioned to him that he was worried that a colleague was being brusque and impatient with patients. The doctor said Joe should report it and told him he could get confidential advice from his trade union or Protect* ( . At first, Joe was unsure whether he could talk to his manager, who was very friendly with Annabel, and was worried about what would happen if his concerns were unfounded and if other colleagues took sides against him. He liked working there and hoped to stay on the ward for a couple of years. He was concerned to be singled out and be forced to leave his job. After much contemplation Joe eventually managed to take the right course of action ’’.

Question 1: Consider the current NMC Code, relevant legislation, policies and guidelines, ethical principles and identify, discuss and

analyse the appropriateness of behaviours of the nurses involved in the scenario.

2500words(Harvard Referenc)

Management homework help


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