>Management homework help

>Management homework help.

To receive full credit there must be one primary posting of 200 words (3pts) to the discussion questions and at a minimum two secondary posts (1 pt. each) to another student’s post. Try to post your primary posts before Thursday of each week. This will help in creating a higher level of discussion as the week progresses. Final postings each week must be made before Monday at midnight. Please use proper grammar/spelling, and complete sentences. Try to use “critical thinking” and apply material from the text and your work experience if applicable. If you use online sources – please cite the source in your posting. (CH 7)

For this weeks Discussion, I want you to reflect back on your own style of management and how you lead.  If you are not in a current management responsibility, you still manage and or understand your distinct style of management.   Even if you are not leading yet, you still motivate people and understand how you do it.   Our distinct style of management hopefully works in our country and culture.   How would you have to modify this style for a different country and  culture?  You can pick a general area or a specific country or culture.  As a point of reference, my own management style many years ago, I use to think I was just direct and open.   However, many had told me I was BLUNT and Brutal and times.   Obviously  I modified this, and became  more relaxed and less threatening.    So use the 3 great videos and  the short McKinsey research papers as a foundation.   Tell us about your strengths, and how they would help in motivating cross cultural teams, and how you might have to modify your style for the area you picked to use in your discussion.   This is a fun discussion, so you don’t have to get all caught up in being hyper  specific.

>Management homework help


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