Management homework help

Management homework help.

Chapter 15 of our text talks about bucks for behavior.  We’ll be introduced to the notion that the type of behavior we reward is the type of behavior we will get.  Take a moment to contemplate this concept then look at your own or previous employers and the “bucks” you received.  What kind of behavior did the rewards you received prompt in you?  Emma wants to have a discussion on what kinds of behaviors various types of rewards will elicit in CM Tech employees.

  • In your initial discussion post share with your classmates three types of rewards (base pay, overtime pay, profit bonus, sales bonus, project bonuses, piece pay, vacation, the sky is really the limit.) and what kind of behavior you think each type of reward would elicit from CM Tech employees.  Do you think those three would be effective?  Why or why not?  In your responses to your peers expand on your agreement or disagreement with the behaviors the types of rewards would elicit and share any experiences you have had with the reward types the group has shared.
  • Support your initial post with at least one scholarly reference.

Management homework help


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