Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help.

interview 3 people who drink oolong tea for all the question below, means each question should be answer 3 time.

  1. How important is the country of origin important in purchasing tea? Why?
  2. If you were presented with high quality premium oolong tea, what do you think makes it premium?
  3. This tea can only be harvested in limited quantity at the highest mountain in Taiwan. The high altitude makes it naturally insect-free, unlike many other teas that claims to be organic. (Most government permits the labeling of organic as long it is 80% organic. Will $50 price tag reasonable for such a product?
  4. When selecting Oolong tea, what comes to mind that is important for you?
  5. What is your biggest concern or fear when selecting premium teas?
  6. What would make you trust an oolong tea brand?
  7. When it comes to taste, what do you prefer in your tea selection?
  8. Oolong is renowned for its many micronutrient and antioxidants benefits, Do you think Oolong has personally made you feel healthier? In what areas, and how so?
  9. What makes you be a loyal customer to a particular oolong brand?
  10. How comfortable are you purchasing a premium tea? In-stores? Online? Why?

Marketing homework help


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