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Marketing homework help.

MIS607 – Cybersecurity



Assessmet Title: Mitigation Plan for Threat Report



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Trimester 3 (2020)





Academic Integrity Declaration I declare that, except where I have referenced, the work I am submitting for this assessment task is

my own work. I have read and am aware of the Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy

and Procedure viewable online at

I am aware that I need to keep a copy of all submitted material and their drafts, and I will do so





1. Introduction This section serves as the statement of purpose for your report. This means that you will tell the reader

“what are going to cover in your mitigation plan report”. Overall, you will need to inform the reader of:

 Your area of research and its context (how to mitigate or manage threats).

 The key concepts you will be addressing

 What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report.

2. Main Discussion In this section of your MIS607 Assessment 3 (Mitigation Plan for Threat Report) it is advised that you use

the case scenario/study in MIS607 Assessment 2 to assist you in “structuring” the report.

For this task, you will need to set priorities for identified threats from MIS607 Assessment 2, analyse the

case in terms of identified risk categories and discuss specific resolutions and recommendations for

improvements in the body of the report.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to pay careful attention to the “section 3” of the “Task Instruction” on

page 1 and 2 of MIS607 Assessment Brief 3. For example, you will require to use the following tables in

your report accordingly. You will require to also discuss these tables as well. For more information, check

the MIS607 subject’s recordings and learning materials.


Likelihood Doomsday Catastrophic Major Moderate Minor Insignificant Almost Certain E E E E H H

Likely E E E H H M Possible E E E H M L Unlikely E E H M L L

Rare E H H M L L

Risk Level Description

Extreme (E)

Will require detailed research and management planning at an executive/ direction level. Ongoing planning and monitoring will be required with regular reviews. Substantial adjustment pf controls to manage the risk is expected, with costs possibly exceeding original forecasts.

High (H)

Requires management attention, but management and planning can be left to senior project or team leaders. Ongoing planning and monitoring with regular reviews are likely, though adjustment of controls is likely to be met from within existing resources.

Medium (M) Can be managed by existing specific monitoring and response procedures. Management by employees is suitable with appropriate monitoring and reviews.

Low (L) Can be managed through routine procedures.




3. Conclusion The conclusion section is where you will need to summarise any findings or recommendations that the

report puts forward regarding the concepts covered in the report.

Overall, the conclusions section reminds the reader what the paper has been about.

4. References It is expected that you use 10 external references in the relevant subject area based on your readings

and further research. Make sure to use more academic related references (e.g. Journal Articles, Book

Chapters and etc.).

It is essential that you use and focus on APA Referencing Style (APA 6th Edition) for referencing.


IMPORTANT NOTES:  MIS607 Assessment 3 is linked to MIS607 Assessment 2. Therefore, the same case study/scenario

needs to be focused on.

 Please submit ONE WORD DOCUMENT (.doc OR .docx) via the MIS607 Assessment 3 submission

line on your MIS607 Blackboard page.

 Please make sure to use font Arial or Calibri 11 point, line spacing 1.5 and insert page numbers on

the bottom of each page.

 MIS607 Assessment 3 is an “individual” assessment and should be submitted by 11:55 PM AEST

Sunday of Week 11 (End of Module 6.1)

 This Assessment should be Maximum 2500 Words (+/- 10%) and is 45% of the final mark.

 The Cover Page, Academic Declaration Paragraph, and References are not included in the word


 All Figures/Tables require being labelled and numbered appropriately (e.g. Table 1….., Table 2……).

 All Figures/Tables require being initially introduced and then discussed in-detail and in-depth.

 The sources for the used information within the Figures/Tables require being clearly inserted.

 Please make sure to review the MIS607 Assessment 3 Brief and the Marking Rubric and be in touch

if any further clarification is required.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Main Discussion
  • 3. Conclusion
  • 4. References

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