Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

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Discussion part one

It is not possible to define aging in the elderly solely by chronological criteria, since the functional, physical, mental and health conditions they present must be considered, since the aging process is individual, verifying that different biological conditions can be observed in individuals located in the same chronological age range. For example, in the cardiovascular system, when an elderly person is subjected to exertion, there is a decrease in the ability of the heart to increase the number and strength of the heartbeat. With aging there is also a reduction in the heart rate at rest, an increase in cholesterol and vascular resistance, with the consequent increase in blood pressure. Another time may be that arteriosclerosis is caused by normal changes in age, environmental influences, and genetic factors. In the autonomic nervous system there is a lower cardiovascular response to sympathetic and parasympathetic stimuli and a decrease in adrenergic content. As a result of these changes, the ejection phase and the relaxation phase increase, with reduced diastole, greater impedance to the left ventricular ejection, and decreased compliance (Health & Medicine Week, 2019).

I believe that it is important not to confuse aging factors with diseases that are not the cause of the same. One of them is Alzheimer’s, as this is a disease that can appear suddenly and although older adults are more likely to get it, this is not the main cause of it. Memory loss in the elderly does not presuppose normality, but, on the contrary, illness. As a result, it is important to allow the patient and his family to plan for the future in the face of total disability, providing support and monitoring in the aspects of judgment and safety so that the patient can continue independently and living in the community as much as possible (Mental Health Weekly Digest, 2016).


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Nursing homework help


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