Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

This week, compose a 1–2 paragraph response to ONE of the following questions.

  1. Alterations in Immune Function
    1. How do type 1, 2, 3, and 4 hypersensitivity reactions differ according to mechanism of action?
    2. What are the clinical features of the common immunodeficiency disorder?
  2. Malignant Disorders of White Blood Cells
    1. How do the various types of leukemia, lymphoma, and plasma cell myelomas differ based on malignant transformation?
    2. Why are malignant disorders of white blood cells commonly associated with bone marrow depression?
  3. Alterations in Oxygen Transport
    1. How are history and clinical manifestations used to differentiate the various forms of anemia and polycythemia?
  4. Alterations in Hemostasis and Blood Coagulation
    1. What findings from the patient history, physical examination, or lab studies would indicate a possible bleeding disorder?
    2. What are the common causes of platelet dysfunction due to quantity and quality?
    3. What are the common causes of inherited and acquired coagulation disorders?
  5. Alterations in Blood Flow
    1. What are the clinical consequences of acute and chronic arterial obstructions and how do they develop?
    2. What are the causes and clinical consequences of superficial and deep venous obstructions?

Nursing homework help


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