>Nursing homework help

>Nursing homework help.




After reading the case study “I am feeling like I’m going crazy” (Walden University 2020), I identified some criteria that will support the diagnosis of major depressive disorder. Patient has been self-harming about ten months ago; he has been having insomnia; patient expresses anhedonia; low self-esteem; two suicide attempts; depressed mood; low energy, and . According to the American Psychiatric Association (2013), when five of these criteria causes the individual emotional social and occupational distress, and not related to any substance use, the diagnosis is major depressive disorder, severe. Although patient’s meets the criteria for major depressive disorder, the patient also displays irritable mood, which is criteria for diagnosing the patient with manic episode with irritable mood. However, the patient did not display any manic behavior and hence could not be diagnosed with this diagnosis. Also, the patient displays mood disorder which he could be diagnose with, but this is not due to any medical condition (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Hence the diagnosis of major depressive disorder , severe is patient’s diagnosis because patient meets the criteria for this diagnosis.

For this client, the therapeutic approach I can use is cognitive behavioral therapy. Patient has irrational thoughts of not being supported, low self-esteem and has pressure of getting better grades in school. Irrational thoughts are the cause of emotional and behavioral disturbance that affects the thinking process of the individual (Ellis , 1962 cited by McGillivray, and Evert, 2014). McGillivray, and Evert. (2014), explained that cognitive behavioral therapy helps to change the irrational beliefs and thoughts into rational thoughts that will improve the mental health of the individual. In a research with teenagers of autism spectrum disorder, CBT proved to be effective when used for patients with depression and anxiety (Chalfant et al2007, cited by McGillivray, and Evert, 2014).

Counselors providing therapy to adolescent should make sure that they have the training and skills to do so. This is because knowledge in the treatment of adolescent will help improve mental health of adolescent. Research on the preparation of interns to work with adolescent shows that those who were trained and skilled in working with adolescents contributed more to the mental wellbeing of the adolescent than the unskilled and trained intern (Russ, 2019).

Another ethical problem that counselors faced with counseling adolescent is confidentiality. Adolescents will be at ease in talking to their counselors that to their parents, and they want that to be confidential between them and the counselors.


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>Nursing homework help


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