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Nursing homework help. CAP e-Poster Creation & Presentation Guidelines


Poster presentations share research and clinical projects. Your electronic (e-) poster will present key elements of your Clinical Application Project (CAP).

  • The CAP e-poster is to be designed on a PowerPoint template.
  • If you are unfamiliar with creating a scientific poster, instructions are outlined at the bottom of this document. It’s easier than you think. Because you are limited by space in the poster format, you must be clear and concise in your writing.
  • Refer to the CAP rubric for all necessary requirements.


General guidelines for e-poster:


  • The e-poster should look neat, professional, and visually appealing
  • Use a simple font (like Arial), no smaller than size 32; larger for section headings and even larger for title/presenter name
  • Regarding text:
    • Labels or headings should be clear and easy to understand.
    • Select contrasting colors; darker letters are effective when used on a light background & vice versa.
    • Text should be brief and to the point; use short sentences or phrases to summarize key points; bullet points work well.
  • If you are planning to use charts or graphs on your poster:
    • Visual data help to express ideas; graphics should be understandable.
    • Keep it simple; don’t overwhelm the audience with too many numbers.
    • Make sure there is a clear caption so the reader understands the significance.
  • Assure consistency in use of format.
  • Check and double check



  • Include any form, brochure, or handout you develop as part of the project.
  • A reference page in APA format must be submitted with your e-poster. The reference page should include at least the journal articles that were discussed in the literature reviews of the clinical topic and solution.


Poster Instructions

  1. Open the poster template save it to your computer.
  2. Experiment with different colors, fonts, designs.
  3. Keep in mind the “general guidelines” listed above.
  4. Add your content, graphics, charts, etc.
  5. Save your work frequently as you create.



Nursing homework help


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