>Nursing homework help

>Nursing homework help.


Hi Maria! Thank you for sharing your response. Reflecting on the organization in which you are currently employed, what evidence based interventions or changes has the organization undergone? At the time of implementation, did you observe barriers that prevented nurses from participating in the change process? What barriers were present, and what was done to effectively remove these barriers?

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The definition of evidence-based practice is to ‘integrate best research with clinical expertise and patient values for optimum care, and participate in learning and research activities to the extent feasible” (Finkelman, 2019). The use of evidence-based practice is necessary in nursing care in order to provide patient-centered care that is effective and of good quality (Finkelman, 2019).

Warren et al. (2016) identify the main barriers to the implementation of evidence-based practice by nurses as a lack of organizational readiness to implement evidence-based practice, lack of fiscal resources to support evidence-based practice education, and age and work experience with younger, less experienced nurses lacking the confidence to implement evidence-based practice into their nursing practice.

I personally have little experience with evidence-based practice and research and believe that one of the most prominent barriers to implementing evidence-based practice I have seen is lack of knowledge about evidence-based practice and research and lack of experience in the use of evidence-based practice in nursing care. Strategies that can be used to remove these barriers are measures such as taking a course on evidence-based practice, consulting advance practice nurses on the use of evidence-based practice, attending a conference where the use of research in nursing practice is presented, volunteering to serve on committees to set policies and protocols, or by staring a program where experienced nurses can mentor newer, less experienced nurses (Finkelman, 2019).

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>Nursing homework help


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