Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.


The objective of assignment is to provide a Power Point Presentation about all vaccines including the Flu vaccine in the pediatric population. Your primary goal as a Family Nurse Practitioner is to educate parents about the importance of vaccination and understanding their beliefs and preference by being cultural sensitive in regards this controversial topic. This is an individual presentation and must include a minimum of 8 slides with a maximum of 10 slides.

This presentation must include a “Voice Presentation”. Please, this part includes as a note in each slide, so I can read it. Thank you.

and the following headings:

*Voice attached in all slides. Please use notes, so I can read it.

ALL REFERENCES FROM USA and within 5 years.

1.  Introduction (Clearly identifies the topic and Establishes goals and objectives of presentation)

2.  Clinical Guidelines Evidence Based Practice per CDC – (Presents an insightful and through analysis of the issue (s) identified. Excellent Clinical guidelines)

3.  Population and Risk Factors (The population is identified and addressed as well the topic(s) and issue(s)

4.  Body and Content: (Makes appropriate and powerful connections between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied. Very creative and Supports the information with strong arguments and evidence.

5.  Education – (Presents detailed, realistic, and appropriate recommendations and education including parents/patients)

6.  Conclusion. Excellent Conclusion clearly supported by the information presented

Nursing homework help


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