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Nursing homework help. DRUG CARD – WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT:

You will need to interview a patient who is taking 5 or more medications. Your patient may be a pregnant women, child, adolescent, adult or older adult. You want to include all medications including herbal and/or over the counter medications. You will need to complete a medication card for every one of the medications they are taking. You will need to submit the assignment to the drop box by the due date for full credit.

Interview: 15 points

1. What is the patient’s age and medical history?

2. List drug allergies? Reaction they had?

3. What prescription medications are they taking on a regular or as needed basis?

4. What over-the-counter (non-prescription) medications are they taking on a regular or as needed basis?

5. What herbal or natural medicines are you taking on a regular or as needed basis?

6. What vitamins or other supplements are you taking?

7. Which Pharmacy (s) do they use? Any concerns with medication refill or cost of their medication? It they have any concerns what might you suggest?

8. How/when are they taking their medications?

9. Is there concerns with adherence to their medication treatment plan? What concerns are there?

10. Do they set up their medications or is someone else setting up their medications? Would they benefit from medication monitor/set up? Why or why not?

11. Does your patient understand why he or she is taking their medications?

12. How does life span affect pharmacotherapy of your patient?

13. Are there any ethical or cultural influences that affect this patient’s beliefs or actions about his/her medications?

14. What is polypharmacy? What is ARMOR?


Medication Card: 35 points for completing 5 or more medication cards.

This information should be included on each medication card:

1. Medication names: Brand and generic

2. Classification BE SPECIFIC: “Anti-infective” is not specific enough. State if this anti-infective is an aminoglycoside, a cephalosporin, etc. Also, a medication for blood pressure control should be listed by its specific category, such as beta-blocker, vasodilator, etc.

3. Route and Dosage: List dosage range per route for adults. If medication was ordered for child, state pediatric dosage.

4. Indications: List

5. Action. How does this medication work in the body?

6. Adverse reactions. First list the most life threatening in ALL CAPS. Then list the most common.

7. Contraindications. List the conditions which would prohibit use of this drug.

8. Food/Drug, Drug/Drug interactions and/or incompatibility- list

9. Nursing measures: List assessments and monitoring necessary for safe administration of this drug. Look to your pharmacology book and use the Nursing Practice Application pages.

10. Implementations and Patient teaching. List appropriate measures for safe administration of this drug. Look to your pharmacology book and use the Nursing Practice Application pages. There is a list of common nursing assessments and interventions for the student to “check”. Don’t repeat information.

11. Reason prescribed: For example: theophylline should be listed as prescribed for “bronchodilating effect for patient with emphysema: not “for patient with emphysema”. As an example, Benadryl is normally listed as an antihistamine for allergies. It can also be prescribed for sedation and as a medication for patients with Parkinson’s disease to decrease adverse reactions. Completing this section properly will require additional effort!!!



12. Include the student’s name, reference page number and drug card number, patient initials and date of care.







Student_________________________________________________________ Date ____________________

Brand Names: _____________ Generic Names: _________________________________________

Classification ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Route Dosage _________________

Safe dose for your patient? ____________

Frequency ________________________

Indications ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Actions ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Adverse Reactions ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Food / Drug Interactions /Incompatibility



Nursing Implications: Assessment______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Monitor Vitals Signs Y or N Why?__________________________________________________________________

Monitor – What labs – if applicable _______________________________________________________________________________


Implementations ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Patient Teaching ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Dizzy / Drowsy / Safety Precautions I & O / Daily Weight

Postural hypotension precautions Antidote

Give with meals to decrease GI distress

Monitor / Report / Treat as prescribed:


Why is the Patient be taking this medication ____________________________

Nursing homework help


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