Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. Week MGMT 550 Dis

Your marketing team wants to find out what types of desserts your customers like best. Develop five questions that you would put on a questionnaire. Why did you choose those questions? What results are you hoping to get from these questions?

Post a short narrated PowerPoint or video recording for your main post in the graded discussion. You are required to review and comment in writing on at least two other posts during the week.


Week 3 INTL BUI 500 Dis

Choose and research the cultural environment of a country that it is not the United States. Appraise the cultural forces and implications of making business in this social culture.  (Links to an external site.)

· Choose the “Record/Upload Video” tool to deliver a 3-minute audio response or just type. Include with your recording/typing a list of references.

· Post the response to the main question no later than Wednesday of each week.

· Listen to the answers of two peers and post a substantive comment to each that aligns with the concepts discussed.

· Be sure that you enter the forum at least twice and that you end the week with three high-quality responses.

· Please view the Weekly Activity Rubric for grading criteria

Operations Management homework help


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