>Operations Management homework help

>Operations Management homework help. Hii I just need you to make a presentation of about 500 words on any innovation you can think of that has occurred recently and how you can improve it, the slides should be according to the Structure given below. It is a small task please help to complete it. the work should have more pictures and visuals instead of a lot of explanation.

Individual Filmed Presentation

Students present one filmed presentation that discusses and reflects on their contribution to various forums/activities during the week in the form of a pitch for innovation. 4 minutes max. The film is uploaded to Padlet. A task will be carried out in weeks 3 and 4 and 5 to give students the chance to explore the assignment in advance. Details will follow in week 5/6.

Structure:  Using various slides, for example, PowerPoint, present a pitch with the slides as an aid. The slides need to be visual, rather than using lots of texts, images rather than bullet points:

1- Question – what is a wicked problem that can be resolved with a business innovation?
2- Research the market
3- Propose an idea
4- Brainstorm the idea in order to develop it further
5- Illustrate your final developed  innovation with any self-made drawings, sketches of the final innovation you are proposing. Outline type of innovation, innovation process and framework to evidence its relation to course activities and theory.

1- Start with the question: what problem does it need to be resolved? that can be resolved with a business innovation?  For example. People need to wash their hands more often with Coronavirus, what is the problem here? How would you solve it? [one slide]

2- Once you have a problem investigate what is already there in the market. You don’t want to be repeating what is already there (for example portable dispensers, or street dispensers) in the market. If there is already an existing solution you need to consider another angle. Do your search, google what products you are proposing first to see what is there, innovate from what you find using creative behaviours.

3 – Propose the concept.  You need to develop the concept through a creative process. See below.

4-  Brainstorm. Using an innovation process (random associations, ideation, shortlisting, filtering) suggest an innovation; present your brainstorm of the ideas you have considered, use post-its, mind-mapping, any technique for exploring ideas to help you develop your concept better.  Don’t forget to tell us: what type of innovation is it? what framework does it use?  Produce evidence that you have engaged with the course activities/theories.

5- Illustrate your concept once you have generated using any drawings, sketches, concept metaphor images and explain how you have changed or adapt it to the final idea you will be presenting to the world.

Size: 4 minutes  (equivalent 500 words)

>Operations Management homework help


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