>Philosophy homework help

>Philosophy homework help.

Read Chapter Six, “Do Good People Finish Last?” Chapter 6 is attached to this question please use citation from the book

Wilkens, Steve, and Alan G. Padgett. Introduction to Philosophy: Christianity and the Big
Questions. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2018.

Judge the following scenario drawn from Andre Dubus III’s House of Sand and Fog.

Jennifer missed a county tax payment on her house because her husband who had abandoned her had discarded the bill before he left.  When she received the first overdue notice, she did not have the funds to pay the taxes, so she filed for an extension.  The county clerk’s office lost the application for the extension, so, while Jennifer was away earning money to pay the taxes, the county placed a lien on the property and proceeded to put it up for sale to recoup the revenue.  The house was quickly purchased by an Iranian refuge and his family who were in America on a Green Card.  Jennifer returned to the house to find a strange family living in it.  When she went to the county clerk’s office to pay her taxes and reclaim her house, she was told that her application for an extension had not been received and that her house had legally been sold.  To whom should the house belong?  Justify your choice, and make reference to the ethical theory that you believe best applies (egoism, utilitarianism, rule-based ethics, or virtue ethics).

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>Philosophy homework help


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