Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help.

TED Talk Analysis


Objective: To use the knowledge and experience you have gained so far this term to evaluate another speaker’s performance. You will analyze the speaker’s verbal content and nonverbal behavior.

Length: 2 – 4 pages, double spaced. Must be typed and submitted via Canvas.


Assignment Requirements:

TED Talks are one of the greatest example of public speaking! One of the best ways to become a better speaker is to watch others deliver presentations- so in this paper you will analyze several TED Talks of your choosing to expose you to public speaking. 

  1. For this paper students will watch and analyze two TED talks. in a 2-4 page, double-spaced paper using at least 10 concepts/ideas/vocabulary words from your readings (i.e. handbook, book), class notes and/or outside sources. Examples of course concepts include: attention getter, transitions, vocal variety, visual aid, etc. Don’t go over 3 pages. Select two TED Talks we have not watched in class. Be sure to reference the textbook, handbook and things we’ve learned in class within your analysis (i.e. which concepts learned thus far are exhibited by the speakers you watch?)
  2. Discuss what the speakers did well in addition to areas for improvement (based on what you have learned about public speaking thus far) and any prior knowledge about public speaking. This is your subjective analysis- you are the critic! Feel free to discuss your own opinions about the talk, how it made you feel, how you related to it, etc.- you may use your own ‘voice’ in this paper (i.e. “I” language). How did the speeches impact you? What stood out? Anything you could relate to? What did you like/dislike? What was cool or dull? Be as specific as possible with details and examples.
  3. A minimum of 2 outside, sourcesmust be cited in the paper- sources can be articles, books or podcasts, or even presentations about public speaking (excluding the textbook or class readings). Search the web to find sources about: public speaking, communication, nonverbal communication, presentations, visual aids, power points, etc. Take what you learn from these sources and use the information within your analysis and critique. As a general rule, if you’re going to reference an outside source within your work, then you’ll probably need to reference it several times; how relevant can your source be if it’s only cited once? These sources will be about public speaking-not the TED talks themselves. Synthesize these source with what you have learned in class. Cite your 2 sources and the 4 TED Talks using MLA or APA  format with a Works Cited/bibliography and in-text citations (see citation handouts on Canvas). Each TED Talk does notcount as one of the outside sources.
  4. Open your paper with a very brief introduction that gives a very short synopsis of each talk- this should be no longer than a short paragraph total. Most of your paper should be your analysis- just jump right into it! Use all the resources provided to you to produce a quality paper. Feel free to use your own voice and “I” language.

Paper Formatting Specifications

~ First and last name

~ Typed in 12 point, Times New Roman Font

~ Typed in black ink, double spaced, 1” margins on all sides

~ MLA or APA Citation Format

~ Spell checked and proofread

~ 2-4 pages in length

~ Uploaded as a microsoft word document (.doc or .docx) or pdf.




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Philosophy homework help


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