Physics homework help

Physics homework help.

For this portion of the Project you will create a sentence outline of your proposal. Here you will include more detail about how your mission/observations will take place, using full sentences. Here is a helpful website that explains the different types of outlines and this page gives an example of a sentence outline, scroll down to that section and note that you will want to include APA citations for any sources you use. Here is an additional example: How to Create a Sentence Outline.

Based on the feedback from your instructor, you will include your original or if it needed to be edited include BOTH original and edited Vision Statement. And then you will include an outline of the important aspects of your proposal. Each of the below should have a few sentences about the aspect of the project.

  1. What are you mainly interested in exploring or researching and state how it could advance our knowledge of our universe.
    1. Speak to the object you will be studying.
  2. Based on what you want to study, will there need to be a spacecraft/telescope built?
    1. If a spacecraft is involved, define the type of instruments it will carry? See below for an example.
    2. If it is a land-based telescope, speak to if it will be built and what type (spectrum) it will be. If you are using an existing telescope, which one and what part of the spectrum will you be observing in? (Think about what you want to discover, and how specific parts of the spectrum might give you that information.)
    3. What technology will you be using? Does it exist? Is someone currently developing it?
  3. Speak to how long you expect the mission/observations to last?
  4. What might the general costs be?  (This can be researched in detail later)

Example: Instruments used on the WMAP craft: WMAP Mission Overview  and Craft/Orbit details

Submission Instructions

In a single document include your name and date, your original and corrected (if needed) Vision Statement and your outline of the above information, in numbered bullet form. You will submit your Proposal Outline to the corresponding assignment folder by the due date stated in the course Schedule. Your instructor will give you feedback on your work and you will progress to Part III of the Final Project. Include any references you used in order to gather your data, with proper citations.

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Physics homework help


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