Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. Literature Review:-
Comparative analysis on political satire between egypt and palestine
Students will write a 8 page paper describing the major themes which surface as a result of the
review of literature related to the research design topic. They are expected to use a minimum of
ten (10) academic articles and four (4) academic books about their research topic. The Review
of Literature, in general, seeks to answer the following questions: 1) What has already been
done in this area and what were the findings? and 2) How does this project fill any identified
“gaps” in the previous work? Students are required to use Chicago style citation.
The points i would like to be included(you can add any other discovery):
● The evolution of political satire in palestine and egypt (poetry→ cartoon→ shows)
● The impact of political satire on both countries
● Censorship of political satire in both countries
● The change in censorship after the 2010 revolution and under different rulers
● The impact of political satire shows and how it came to become maybe globalization
● Comparing animal farm to political satire in palestine and egypt
● Consequence of political satire in both countries
Sources(you can add other sources)
● Animal Farm
● Political humor/ satire in arab media
● Wit as a political weapon
● Satire and religious tolerance
● Cartoons as a site for construction of palestinian refugee
● Poetry of resistance in occupied palestine
● The status of the arts in an emerging state of palestine
● Laughing at power:humor, transgression, and the politics of refusal
● Out of control:ppalestaninian news satire
● Satore and protest:the middle east through egyption cartoons
● The cartoon in egypt
● The jesters frame:role of political satire in shaping egyptions perception
● A multimodal analysis of political satire
● Egypt jon stewart
● Political satire in egypt during the last decade

Political Science homework help


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