Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help.

Self-Analysis Assignment #4: Goals, Emotions, Disorders, & Change

“Where am I going?

This assignment involves a “self-analysis” of your personality* as it relates to the material we covered in this section of the course (Chapters 15, 16, & 17). In particular, how do the theories and research in this section of the course apply to your own* personal strivings or goals? Answer this question by addressing each of the following:

What would you say is your major (most important, influential) current life task, goal, or personal striving?

(a) Describe this goal/life task in some detail and indicate where you might have come up with such a goal/life task.

(b) Then illustrate what past theory and research have to say about how your goal or life task is likely to influence your current behavior and personality. Choose at least two major research approaches for this part and link their findings to your own particular case.

(c) Finally, speculate about how the various approaches to personality therapy might help you in accomplishing your goal/life task. Choose two major therapy approaches and speculate about how those approaches might aid you in moving more successfully toward your goal or accomplishing your life task. What would you need to do, according to these approaches, in order to be successful in your personal strivings?

In answering these questions, be sure to provide a description of your own personal goal/life task and apply the theories and research to this.

This assignment must be typed and double-spaced (preferably in Word, .txt, or .rtf format), with the number of pages ranging from 5 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). Please name your submitted file using the following format: your last name/assignment# (e.g., “Jones1.doc” or “Smith4.doc“).

Psychology homework help


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