Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. Students may go to the Academic Learning Centre (201 Tier) to receive tutoring help on all assignments for ICM ENGLISH 1400W: Thematic Approaches to

the Study of Literature. For those assignments specifically designated as in-class assignments, please limit help to giving feedback on thesis statements, topic sentences, and the effectiveness of students’ usage of specific textual evidence to prove their points. Feel free

to contact me at if you require further information.


ENGL 1400W: Thematic Approaches to the Study of Literature

Essay #3 (out-of-class)

Due: November 25, 2020


Choose ONE of the following topics below and write a clear, organized argument of

approximately 1200 words (see syllabus for format for out-of-class essays). Make sure

your thesis statement clearly and explicitly sets out the argument your paper will follow.

Discuss specific examples from the texts to support and develop your points as clearly

and effectively as possible. Make sure all evidence is analyzed in terms of its

significance to your thesis statement. If the evidence does not support your overall

argument, the evidence should not be used in your paper.


1. In TWO of the works we have studied this term, explain the relationship between

horror and travel. You should consider the implications of journeying from civilization

and into wilderness when answering this question.


2. Although the horror genre has often been considered to be radical because it deals

with the violation of social taboos, explain how horror also works to enforce social norms

in TWO of the works we have studied this term.


3. Write an original short story according to the traditions of horror fiction we have

learnt this term. You can have human or non-human characters and are free to set your

story in the past, present, or future. Your story can slightly exceed the word limits of this

assignment – it …

Psychology homework help


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