>Psychology homework help

>Psychology homework help.

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Read the posts of your peers and respond to two. Your response should be substantive and demonstrate your understanding of the material. What aspects of the post do you like or agree with and why? Are there areas that are not clear? Did the post spark questions that you would like to ask your peer? In this, and in all of your courseroom posts, be sure to keep your tone scholarly, respectful, and professional.

Post 1

Tammy Greenfield

I watched the recording of the “New Learner Orientation” this week. I had previous knowledge of the required 2,000 supervision hours, but have not completed a plan for acquiring them. Currently, I have two options I am considering. One get a virtual supervisor to gain hours while teaching in a preschool classroom for children with disabilities or two work for an ABA clinic as an RBT to gain supervision hours. I have previously liked the option of gaining hours within an ABA clinic, as I would gain experience in a non-classroom setting. This experience is important to me because I am not quiet sure I want to remain in the school system as a classroom teacher or BCBA. However, being a classroom teacher with a family does not leave me with a lot of downtime to take on a part-time job working ABA. I do not intend to acquire supervision hours until summer of 2021; allowing me the time to get my RBT certification and take on a part-time job. Ideally having a supervisor through an ABA clinic and a virtual supervisor to acquire hours while teaching would be the best-case scenario. I was unaware that multiple supervisors were allowed until watching the “New Learner Orientation” recording. To accrue unrestricted fieldwork hours I can collect data, complete functional behavior assessments, and train staff on behavior programs. All activities I am currently responsible for within my classroom. A second key take away is creating an account even though I am not currently completing hours. Last, Julianne Lasley explained the fieldwork tracker provided through the BACB website is not turned in monthly. It is used to track our hours and we would only need to show it if the BACB requested them.

Currently the biggest barrier I am facing involves time; how do I teach and take care of a child while gaining fieldwork hours? I am also reevaluating my overall goal for obtaining my BCBA. As I work with more pre-school age students and families, I find myself very interested in parent and community training. Especially giving parents the skills to set up a routine and expectations within a home environment that accommodates all members of the family. I am also interested in further educating my community members and businesses; especially daycares. It is unfortunate and heartbreaking when parents share experiences that involve their child being kicked out of a program. Overall, I will remain in the classroom setting for three more years while my son is in elementary school and I am completing my degree.

Post 2

Chelsea Germany Unit 4 discussionCOLLAPSE

I did attend the new learner orientation and I learned a great deal. I plan on doing my field work at a local organization called Beyond Expectations. Once I start my hours hopefully in January, I will then get in contact with somebody who is certified to help me obtain my hours.I will get as many hours in a month as I can I do have a full-time jobso it will be all my days off but I will do everything I can to make sure that I have all my hours in time for me to take the exam when the time comes. I chose this location because of the values that they have and the standards that they hold not only for themselves but for their clients as well they also do work with children and adults with autism which is helpful to me because my wife has autism and we will go through them when we do get her officially tested. Based on the new learner orientation one of the ways that you can incur unrestricted Field hours is to be supervised by somebody that is not certified to supervise so I will make sure that whoever is supervising me has taken the required courses necessary to be certified to be a supervisor so that I will not incur any unrestricted hours.

there are many things that I learned during the new learner orientation. The first thing that stood out to me was not only does Capella have resources but the board certified behavior analyst site has a number of resources as well that I can utilize and will utilize when I do my field work as well as when I am working in the field. The second thing that I learned was there’s a right way to get hours and a wrong way to get hours and to make sure that whoever is supervising me is certified so that I do not have to repeat any hours. The third thing that I took away from the new learner orientation was it I just need to have my hours completed by the time I’m ready to take exam not necessarily the end of my program. This is a weight lifted off my shoulders for me because I do have a full-time job and more than likely will not be working full-time in the field of ABA until after I’ve taken the exam and passed.

The only barrier that I can foresee is me having difficulty with the test for certification. I am a horrible test taker I have severe test anxiety and have had test anxiety for years I do my best to focus on the test but a lot of times my nerves get the better of me which has resulted in me failing first attempts.

>Psychology homework help


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