Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. Assignment #2 – Classical and Operant Conditioning
For each scenario described on the next page do all of the following.
First, label each as either Classical Conditioning or Operant Conditioning (1 point) AND explain why
you decided the example was classical or operant conditioning (1 point).
If it is an example of classical conditioning, identify each of the following (1 point each):
 Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS),
 Unconditioned Response (UCR),
 Conditioned Stimulus (CS),
 Conditioned Response (CR)
If it is an example of operant conditioning, identify if which type of conditioning, i.e.:
Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, Positive Punishment, Negative Punishment
(1 point)
Also, explain your reasoning by stating each of the following (1 point each)
 what behavior the behavior is,
 what the consequence is,
 why it is reinforcement or punishment,
 why is it positive or negative.
NOTE: some of the examples of operant conditioning may be interpreted in more than one way.
Example 1: Every time you get the stomach flu, your roommate/mom feeds you chicken noodle soup. Now,
whenever you think about or smell chicken noodle soup, you feel nauseous.
(worth a total of 6 points).
Correct Answer:
This is classical condition (1 point) REASON: the stimulus (getting the stomach flu) comes first and an
involuntary response (feeling nauseous) follows (1 point).
The associated stimuli are as follows:
UCS: the stomach flu (1 point).
UCR: feeling nauseous (1 point)
CS: chicken noodle soup (1 point).
CR: feeling nauseous when you think about or smell chicken noodle soup
because you have learned to associate it with feeling sick from the stomach flu (1 point).
Example 2: You have test anxiety, but you discover that if you prepare more thoroughly by studying more, your test
anxiety is not as bad (worth a total of 7 points).
Correct Answer:
This is operant conditioning (1 point) REASON: the behavior (studying for exams) is voluntary and comes
first, and the consequence (reduced test anxiety) follows (1 point).
This is negative reinforcement (1 point).
The behavior is studying for exams (1 point).
The consequence is reduced test anxiety (1 point)
The behavior is increased making this reinforcement (1 point).
It is negative because test anxiety is taken away by the behavior (1 point).
Page 2
Assignment #2 – Classical and Operant Conditioning
Questions come in part from materials available at:
1. A lion in a circus learns to stand up on a chair and jump through a hoop to receive a food treat.
2. Your young nephew is bitten by a squirrel that was not captured and now he has to get a series of painful
rabies shots. The person who administers the shot always wears a white lab coat. Now your nephew screams
whenever he is approached by any adult who is wearing a white shirt.
3. Your hands are cold so you put your gloves on. In the future, you are more likely to put gloves on when it’s
4. You eat a new food and then get sick because of the flu. However, you develop a dislike for the food and
feel nauseated whenever you smell it.
5. Your car has a red, flashing light that blinks annoyingly if you start the car without buckling the seat belt.
You become less likely to start the car without buckling the seat belt.
6. Every time someone flushes a toilet in the apartment building, the shower becomes very hot and causes the
person to jump back to avoid being burned. Over time, the person begins to jump back automatically after
hearing the flush, before the water temperature changes.
7. You check the coin return slot on a pay telephone and find a quarter. You find yourself checking other
telephones over the next few days.
8. A professor has a policy of exempting students from the final exam if they maintain perfect attendance
during the quarter. His students’ attendance increases dramatically.
9. An individual receives frequent injections of drugs, which are administered in a small examination room at
a clinic. The drug itself causes increased heart rate but after several trips to the clinic, simply being in a
small room causes an increased heart rate.
10. You get excited and feel happy every time you see your boyfriend/girlfriend, who always wears the same
aftershave/perfume. Now you feel happy whenever you smell that aftershave/perfume.
11. Your father gives you a credit card at the end of your first year in college because you did so well. As a
result, your grades continue to get better in your second year.
12. Every week you watch the same scary program on TV, and while you watch, you always have a big bowl of
popcorn. Now whenever you smell or eat popcorn it makes you feel frightened.

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