Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. Psychology 171: Assignment 7
Please choose ONE of these options.
Option 1: Death Rituals
1. Describe the death rituals of three cultures from around the world, talking about:
a. What is done with the body right after death
b. How much the deceased family is involved in handling the body, preparing
the body, seeing the body or being directly involved in the funeral
c. What does the funeral / celebration involve? Is there a specific belief
system that is involved in the ceremony?
2. Opinion: A sociologist once said that the reason why Western cultures have such
a fear of death is due to our beliefs about aging and the fact that they see the
deceased body as unclean and distance themselves from the deceased body
starting right after death. Do you agree with this? How might we overcome this
by changing our death rituals? These are your opinions, so there are no wrong
Option 2: LGBTQIA+
1. What do these letters stand for (brief definition of each), and why are they
2. What challenges do individuals currently face if they are members of these
groups? Are there differences within these sub-groups in terms of societal
tolerance/intolerance? If so, what are those differences? Why do you think these
differences exist?
3. Summarize one online resource and one face to face resource (on Vancouver
Island or in Vancouver – local, in other words) for individuals within the LGBTQIA +
Remember to use full, formal sentences, cite sources and include a reference list in APA
format. Should be between 2-3 pages in length. Let me know if you have any questions.

Psychology homework help


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