Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help.

The concept of what is considered normal versus abnormal throughout time is ever changing. Provide examples of behavior in our society that was once considered abnormal and is now seen as normal.

  • How and why do these changes take place and what are some of the catalysts to such change?
  • Why do some people stay within the boundaries of what is considered normal while others seek to break them?
  • Why would that behavior in itself be considered abnormal to some and what are some of the positive effects of such change in behavior and attitudes?
  • How has social media played a role in the evolution from abnormal to normal behavior?

Consider some of the main areas that have once been the topic of scrutiny and viewed as abnormal but have evolved considerably over time. Some examples include race, culture, sexuality, gender, appearance, and child rearing.

Pick one topic area from the examples listed above and illustrate how prior views regarding abnormal behavior have evolved to what is now considered normal. Provide specific information regarding the process of that change and its effects on modern day society.

Create your response into a word document using APA format with a minimum of 750-word count (not including the Cover page and Reference page). Include in text citations which will connect to the factual points from your sources, and include the reference citations at the end of the document.

Psychology homework help


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