Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. Methodology (3-4 pages)

draft a brief introduction to the section and reiterate your research question

Data Collection selected methodology description: brief description of which methodology you are selecting with some specifics. Not just qualitative or quantitative, but if quantitative are doing experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, pretest/post test, etc. If qualitative, are you doing ethnography, phenomenology, case study, generic thematic analysis, etc.

how methodology fits the topic: describe why your selection fits your research question. Include in this section a paragraph discussing the importance of appropriate design, i.e. how the method should fit the research question. Also, include a paragraph that describes why alternative methods are a poor choice based on the research question. For instance, if your research question is to measure something, a qualitative design would not do that. If your research question is to describe something, a quantitative design could not do that.

Limitations: Address any limitations inherent in studying the area you have chosen. The limitations of the quantitative or qualitative method(s) you have chosen.

Authorization: Describe where your study will take place and the specific authorizations you will need (e.g. IRB approval).


            Describe the format for your study. Be specific on location, schedule, procedures in each phase, recruitment, selection criteria, informed consent, data gathering procedures


Data analysis


            If you are using a quantitative method, the statistical procedure(s) you are using for data analysis.


If you are using a qualitative method, the process(or processes) you are using for analysis.





Potential Implications: (1-2 pages)


Address how your study could inform professional practice applications. Specify where and when your research might be used.





Psychology homework help


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