>Psychology homework help

>Psychology homework help.

Module 6 assignment comes from the Managerial Decision Exercise in the Organizational Behavior textbook.

Instructions for this Assignment

Question #2 Chapter 16 Managerial Decision Exercise:

You have recently accepted the position of director for a full-service retirement home that has three components. The first component is for retired individuals and married couples who can still manage on their own but appreciate the amenities such as medical care and having other residents that they interact with through planned activities. The second is for residents who are still relatively healthy but do need assistance for specific tasks such as mobility and the like. The third section is for individuals with chronic health issues and palliative care patients.

You have learned during the interview process that the facility has performance and morale issues and that the previous director had a rigid structure, did not allow workers from different roles to interact, and wanted all decisions to be directed to her. This has led to dramatic staff turnover and a larger number of empty units compared to other facilities.

As the incoming new director, you will need to address the staff, and your new assistant asks whether you would like to address the staff in one large room or in smaller meeting rooms with employees from the different functional units. She also asks how to handle the workers who are from different shifts. Make your communication decisions, and write up an opening statement to make to the employees before you open the meeting to questions.  Be sure to include in your response paper reasoning behind your decisions and at least a clear linkage to the the following learning objective: Identify the most effective modes of communication based on audience (LO2).

***Include in your response-your opening statement as well as the thought process that you followed to get to your opening statement.

Submission Format

Your paper should be 2-3 pages not including the title and reference page, double-spaced and include a centered title. Any sources used should be properly cited in APA format.

>Psychology homework help


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